"Social Science & Medicine Volume 292, January 2022", 01-01-2022

An EQ-5D-5L value set for Italy using videoconferencing interviews and feasibility of a new mode of administration

Finch A, Meregaglia M, Ciani O, Roudijk B, Jommi C


Abstract Objectives To test the feasibility of using videoconferencing (VC) administered interviews and to derive an EQ-5D-5L value set for Italy. Methods Preferences were collected using the EuroQol standardized valuation protocol (EQ-VT) administered via VC. Two valuation methods were employed, composite time trade-off (cTTO) and discrete choice experiment (DCE). Technical, organizational and protocol feasibility were tested in a pilot of 198 interviews. Upon positive assessment, data collection continued with a target sample of 1000–1200 participants including the pilot. Quality control (QC) procedures were employed to monitor interviewers’ performance during the pilot and the data collection. Data were modelled using GLS, Tobit, Logit and Hybrid models with different error specifications. Monotonicity of coefficients, statistical significance, and theoretical considerations informed the model choice. Results Dropouts and technical problems occurred in less than 5% of the 198 pilot interviews. Protocol compliance was demonstrated with significant improvements in QC parameters and limited interviewers’ effects, for all interviewers. Overall, interviewers were satisfied with this mode of administration, highlighting it allows flexibility and efficient scheduling. Based on these results, VC was deemed as a feasible mode of administration. The study collected preferences for 1182 responders, including the pilot interviews. The demographic characteristics of the sample were representative of the Italian general population for age, gender and geographical macro-areas. The hybrid Tobit heteroscedastic model without constant estimated on the full sample (including pilot) was selected for the derivation of the value set. Values ranged from −0.571 for the worst health state (55555) to 1 for the best health state (11111). Pain/discomfort registered the largest decrement, followed by mobility, anxiety/depression, self-care, and usual activities. 523 health states were worse than dead. Conclusions VC is viable for the conduct of valuation interviews. The Italian value set for the EQ-5D-5L can be used for value determinations of health technologies.

EQ-5D-5LcTTOPreferencesValuation studyMode of administrationVideoconferencingVideo-telephonyFeasibility